Making Prescribing Easy


AnovoRx Specialty Pharmacy offers comprehensive assistance – from prior authorization to product delivery. Dedicated PA Hotline: 1-844-472-2032.

You will also gain access to a full suite of services, including:

Prior Authorization Assistance
Insurance Verification
Free Delivery and Overnight Shipping
Patient Assistance and Resources
Product Information and Expertise
Here’s how to set up home delivery for your patients

Patients can obtain Qbrelis for home delivery. Healthcare providers simply submit Qbrelis prescriptions by phone, fax, or e-prescribing (using the information below) to:

Attn: Silvergate PAP
1710 N. Shelby Oaks Dr. #1
Memphis, TN 38134
Phone: 1-844-472-2032
Fax: 1-866-927-2052

Download enrollment forms and get your patients started on Qbrelis

Qbrelis Patient Enrollment and Prescription Form

Qbrelis Patient Assistance Program Form